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CINE Classics

Shot on SIGMA Cine Classics

Cutting-edge technology offering unrivaled expression for artists. The FF Classic lenses retain the high-resolution capability that SIGMA CINE LENSES are well known for, but offer a unique combination of low contrast and artistic flare/ghosting in the image.

Revolutionary lenses for the era of high resolution digital cinematography

SIGMA leverages the remarkable optical performance of its still lens lineup, which has been acclaimed by photographers around the world. While retaining the same superb optical system, the mechanical structure of SIGMA’s cine lenses has been completely updated to the latest industry standards. In addition, it incorporates various know-how such as mounts with electronic contact and a robust 100% metal body accumulated through still lens production. 〇nly SIGMA could have realized these lightweight and compact cine lens lines that deliver the highest performance and unprecedented value to bring a new level of freedom and potential to the frontlines of movie production. results. With the goal of providing uniquely innovative lenses and unprecedented value, SIGMA has developed its new line of cine lenses.

Create Without Boundaries with SIGMA CINE

SIGMA CINE lenses give you the freedom to explore your creative vision. We invest in cutting-edge technology that allows filmmakers to bring dreams to life with expressive style or perfectly reproduce reality down to the finest detail.

Build Your Custom Kit

Customize your lens kit selection and save with SIGMA Cine.

Buy 3-4 lenses, Save 5%
Buy 5-6 lenses, Save 7%
Buy 7-9 lenses, Save 10%
Buy 10 lenses, Save 12%

Contact Your Local CINE Dealer

* Discounts only apply to FF Prime Lenses. Custom kits do not include PMC cases.

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