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I series

Premium Compact Primes

A lens is a piece of your camera gear. But it's also something you spend your time with when taking pictures.

When you think about it that way, there are so many factors you’d care about other than the images you take with it.

I series lenses are so satisfying to use and feel so natural in the hand that you’ll want to reach for one every time you shoot.

I series lenses are more than a tool that takes beautiful pictures.

They are designed to enhance your photographic style.

They are built to help you achieve your creative vision.

They are as much about the journey as the results.That is the concept behind the letter ‘I’ in this new series.

We believe that the I series is unique in being able to meet these expectations.


A fresh approach to lens design

In its pursuit of a new kind of user experience, the SIGMA I series values the relationship between people and lenses.

With a joy for the visual senses in terms of being able to capture beautiful scenes, the I series also satisfies other senses, especially the tactile and auditory.

The substantial, solid feel of the all-metal body you get when you have it in your hand. The smooth and firm movement of the focus ring. The precise click of the aperture ring and switches. And the beautifully engineered custom hood.

And these design concepts could not have been realized if not for SIGMA’s technological capabilities, the high processing precision, and our business structure that places a focus on high-mix, low-volume production.

We couldn't have done it before, but we can now. This is SIGMA as we are, at our very best.

“To be honest,we’ve gone further than we really needed to”

Kazuto Yamaki, CEO, SIGMA Corp

The I series is all about the pleasure of ownership. It’s an amalgamation of technological expertise we have, put into giving a real feeling of quality to the product. The lens body in particular is well beyond the level that’s needed.

That said, we were able to achieve a level of sensory quality unique to the I series, precisely because we went the extra mile. Let us show you what makes the I series so special.

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