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A place where photographers, videographers and all creative people come together to connect, test gear, learn from like-minded people who share your passion in a place where you can really push your creative boundaries.


Join a vibrant community of fellow photographers, videographers, and creatives who share your passion and drive. Forge connections that transcend the event and grow into lasting collaborations.


Dive into a playground of cutting-edge gear. Test, experiment, and witness firsthand the transformative impact of the latest tools on your projects.


Interact with like-minded individuals who live and breathe creativity. Share insights, stories, and techniques that propel your skills to new heights. It's a chance to learn and grow in a collaborative environment.


Discover a space where your creative boundaries are meant to be pushed. From themed sets to dynamic lighting, every corner is designed to fuel your imagination and bring your vision to life.

September 24
Dundas, ON

Focused on Sony E-Mount & Fujifilm X Mount

Join us Sunday, September 24th, for an exciting event at Millworks Creative Studios Inc. on Hatt Street in Dundas, ON, Canada! Get ready to unleash your creativity and explore the world of creative spaces. This in-person event is a perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and discover new ways to express yourself. Door prizes, loaner lenses and demonstrations from SIGMA Ambassador Stefano Lombardo.

Stefano Lombardo is a talented portrait and fashion photographer, and content creator based in Toronto. His passion for photography started when he was gifted his first camera at the age of 13. From that moment, he became inseparable from his camera, taking it with him every time he left the house. Capturing everything from portraits of his family to photos of the sunset.

Stefano will be shooting on the same sets available to all attendees and providing two 15-minute live demonstrations, talking through his thought process and how he is working with the models to achieve his creative vision.

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Photos: Rob Anzit

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