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65mm T2.5 Cine FF Classic Prime

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With cutting-edge technology, SIGMA's new "Classic Art Prime" offers unrivaled expression for artists.

FF High Speed Prime Line has been offering the highest resolving power in its class, that is compatible with 8K shooting with large format sensors, while achieving outstanding compact design. Based on this product line, the FF Classic Prime Line incorporates more non-coated optical elements to achieve unrivaled expression. It retains the high resolution capability that SIGMA CINE LENS is well known for, and offers a unique combination of low contrast and artistic flare/ghost in the image. As with all other lenses from the FF High Speed Prime Line, it creates beautiful bokeh effects to improve creativity.

FF Classic Prime Line has implemented newly developed coatings on the glass elements and offers consistent T value across the lineup (14mm and 135mm at T3.2 and the rest of the lenses at T2.5). This will greatly contribute to the effective workflow in postproduction. Furthermore, it is compatible with the communication protocol of Cooke “/i Technology”, thus an ideal tool for shooting and editing with the latest technology, such as VFX. A special coating is implemented on the front and rear elements so that the lens durability is ensured as with all other cine lenses from SIGMA.

“Classic Art Prime” is a new solution from SIGMA that is required for the most advanced technology for classical expression. The “look” that FF Classic Prime Line can offer will enable cinematographers to explore new possibilities in movie creation.

The highest quality, in every detail. "Aizu-nuri" featured

SIGMA always pursues “the best materials and technology” without compromise to achieve the highest quality. The Classic Art Prime series is no exception, and the policy is even alive in the logo. To identify the lens in the shooting scene using a wide variety of lenses, and to provide the texture and quality suitable for professional tools, and the durability to support the harsh environment of cinema lenses. Aizu-nuri (Aizu lacquering) was the solution for the “Classic” logo. Fortunately the best technique was at our production site, Aizu.

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