Mount Converter MC-31

Accessoires, Convertisseur de monture
  • Allows PL-Mount lenses to be used with L-Mount cameras such as the Sigma fp
  • Shim adjustments on both sides
  • All Metal Constructions 
  • Tripod Socket
  • Secure lens mounting
  • Luminous paint on upper part markings
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SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-31 is a converter that allows PL mount lenses to be used on L-Mount cameras. By using SIGMA MOUNT CONVERTER MC-31, users can use PL mount cine lenses, which are widely used in the filmmaking industry, on the SIGMA fp and other L-Mount cameras.

Accessories: Cap, Support foot, Hex wrench, Screwdriver, Mount lock screw, L-mount shim

Barcode: 0085126 938192

Spécifications Techniques

Maximum diameter × Length:84.4mm (3.3in.) × 42mm (1.6in.)

Mount reference plane spacing:32mm (1.2in.)|Weight:330g (11.6oz.)

Note: Appearance and specifications are subject to change. L-Mount is a registered trademark of Leica Camera AG.