SIGMA Classic Art Primes

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Kazuto Yamaki - Sigma Ceo

Cinematographers are pursuing vintage. They want a signature rendering look in their artwork, but it’s extremely difficult to have a complete vintage lens set. SIGMA Cine lenses are for full-frame size sensors and our Classic Art Primes perform perfectly on large-format cine cameras.

Sigma Ceo - Kazuto Yamaki
14mm T2
20mm T1.5
24mm T1.5
28mm T1.5
35mm T1.5
40mm T1.5
50mm T1.5
85mm T1.5
105mm T1.5
135mm T2
Beautiful Bokeh

Thanks to a monolayer coating on both the front and rear elements, warmer color tones and a slower T-stop converge to create a dreamy nostalgia. The F-stop remains 1.4/1.8 respectively.

The new mood comes without compromise of the lens construction, bokeh aesthetic, and flawless performance for which the SIGMA Cine line is renowned.

Timur Civan - Director of Photography

…the Classic Art Primes create an enigmatic and boisterous image. A surprise awaits around every photon.

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