Hone & Refine Your Close-up Game with Sigma Macro

Discover your perfect Sigma Macro lens, and open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Photo BY Robert Lopshire |
180mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM

Macro Prime Lenses: The Lineup

Macro Prime Lenses: The Rundown

  • 1:1 magnification
  • 3 focal ranges, 105mm, 150mm, 180mm
  • Designed for exceptional imaging at one focal length
  • All feature optical stabilizer, internal focusing, and focus limiters for swiftest AF response
  • Best for pros and serious enthusiasts

What Macro Really Means

Macro: a designation for a lens wherein the maximum magnification capability is 1:3 or greater.

1:3—a one-inch object is recorded across one third of an inch of the camera sensor.
1:2—the same one-inch object is recorded as half an inch. 1:1—also called “life-sized”, records a one-inch object across one inch of the sensor.

Macro Zoom Lenses: The Rundown

  • Macro magnification of 1:3 or greater at longest zoom length
  • Offered on a variety of zoom lenses ranging from $400-600
  • Optical Stabilizer
  • Great beginner, budget options

Close Focusing Distance Decoded

It’s quite simply, the nearest
distance at which a lens can achieve focus.

Quick Example: The Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM is 5 inches long, and has a minimum focus distance of 12.3 inches from the sensor plane. Subtracting 5 from 12.3 tells us we can close-focus on something 7.3 inches in front of the lens.

105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM
EM-140 Ring Flash

Featured Accessory
EM-140 Ringflash

  • Lens-thread mount compatible with most Sigma macro lenses (Except 180mm F2.8).
  • 52, 62, 67, 72 and 77mm adapters available
  • Includes left-right lighting ratios & ettl
  • Compatible with Canon, Pentax, Sigma, Sony & Nikon
  • Through the Lens metering, High Speed Sync, Left-Right Lighting Controls up to 8:1 GN 14 ISO 100/m
EM-140 Ringflash

Macro Lens Features

Short Lens NameOSFixed/
Zooming Barrel
USB Dock
EM-140 Ringflash
Compatible &
Adapter Size
Made in
4 Year US
105MM Yes Fixed No 1:1 Yes Yes / 62mm Yes Yes
150MM Yes Fixed No 1:1 Yes Yes / 72mm Yes Yes
180MM Yes Fixed No 1:1 Yes No Yes Yes
17-70MM Yes Zooming Yes 1:2:9 No Yes / 72mm Yes Yes
18-200MM Yes Zooming Yes 1:3 No Yes / 62mm Yes Yes
18-250MM Yes Zooming No 1:2:9 No Yes / 62mm Yes Yes
18-300MM Yes Zooming Yes 1:3 & 1:2 w/
optional close-up
lens AML72-01
No Yes / 72mm Yes Yes
70-300MM No Zooming No 1:2 No Yes / 58mm Yes Yes
Short Lens
Zooming Barrel
105MM Yes Fixed 1:1
150MM Yes Fixed 1:1
180MM Yes Fixed 1:1
17-70MM Yes Zooming 1:2:9
18-200MM Yes Zooming 1:3
18-250MM Yes Zooming 1:2:9
18-300MM Yes Zooming 1:3 & 1:2 w/
optional close-up
lens AML72-01
70-300MM No Zooming 1:2