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Important Information regarding Gray Market Sigma Products

Important Information regarding Gray Market Sigma Products:

What seems attractive at first glance often hides a very different story underneath:

Gentec International is the only Authorized importer/distributor of Sigma Products in Canada and provides service and support for those products. Gentec International offers a 7 Year Canadian (only) Sigma Warranty for any Sigma lenses purchased via an authorized Canadian dealer

While legitimate goods are imported and handled by Gentec International, gray imported products have often changed hands many times. Often, gray imported products have been removed from their protective packaging and stored in less than optimal conditions, which might affect the efficiency and lifespan of the product. In summary, gray importers can only undercut legitimate retailers because of their irregular practices.

Legitimate Canadian products come with different manuals, warranty cards and accessories than the versions intended for sale in other global markets.

The majority of Gray Market products are sold online at discounted prices. Look for the following terms, which often indicate that a product is Gray Market.

  • Import Model
  • PE (Professional Edition)
  • Warranty via Seller
  • International Version/Warranty
  • Gray/Grey Market
  • USA Seller Warranty
  • Off Market
  • Direct Import
  • USA Coverage by Seller
  • Seller Warranty

Gray Market products may contain a limited warranty from the seller, but they are NOT covered by a Gentec International/Sigma Canada Warranty.

Any Sigma product that is not imported by Gentec International or purchased from an unauthorized Sigma Canada Dealer will not be serviced under warranty regardless of the service required.

If in doubt regarding your intended Sigma purchase, contact Gentec International/Sigma at

 Please note: Any Sigma product with missing or invalid serial number is considered "Tampered Product" and therefore, any manufacturer warranty will be void and null.

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