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Sigma products are distributed exclusively in Canada by Gentec International. Proudly Canadian-owned and operated, Markham-based Gentec International opened its doors in 1990 in a modest 12,000-square-foot warehouse with twelve employees managing an inventory of 300 photo and video products.

Today, Gentec operates out of a 100,000-square-foot, fully-computerized warehouse with 90 employees managing over 4000 products across seven divisions: digital imaging, electronics, wireless, home theatre, home audio, car audio, and sporting goods. Gentec is also proud to have been named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies for the past three years – a testament to the level of excellence that Gentec has achieved since its inception.

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Sigma Lenses

Your choice of lenses is critical to achieving high quality images. With Sigma, the world’s leading independent lens manufacturer, the choice is easy. All Sigma lenses feature advanced technology, superior optical performance, and smooth handling characteristics to ensure you get the maximum performance from your camera.

• All Sigma lenses are made exclusively in Japan
• All Sigma lenses are manufactured using environmentally friendly, arsenic-free processes
• All Sigma Art, Contemporary, Sport, EX and APO lenses include a custom-designed case to protect your investment
• All Sigma lenses include a dedicated premium lens hood

Sigma Art Lenses
Engineered for those who see photography as a critical expression of self, the Art line offers sophisticated optical performance and abundant expressive power to deliver faithfully on your artistic vision.

Large-aperture prime lenses • Wide-angle lenses • Ultra-wide-angle lenses • Macro lenses • Fisheye lenses, and more

Sigma Contemporary Lenses
Engineered for today’s photographer who wants to do it all, the Contemporary line combines superior optical quality and compactness for high-performance lenses that cover a wide range of needs.

Standard zoom lenses • Telephoto zoom lenses • High-magnification zoom lenses, and more

Sigma Sport Lenses
Engineered for dynamic capture and split-second timing, the Sports line delivers sophisticated optical performance to get you closer to those powerful action shots you’re after.

Telephoto prime lenses • Telephoto zoom lenses • Super-telephoto prime lenses • Super-telephoto zoom lenses, and more

Sigma DC Lenses
Designed specifically for digital SLR cameras, Sigma’s DC lenses are distinguished by a smaller image circle designed to match the APS-C sensor size of most digital SLR cameras. Reduction of the image circle diameter also made it possible to reduce the size and weight of the lens, improving its handling characteristics.

Compact and lightweight, DC lenses combine Sigma’s advanced lens technology with current digital imaging technology, making them essential equipment for today’s state-of-the-art digital SLR cameras.

Sigma DG Lenses
Sigma’s DG lenses offer a choice to those looking for a lens that will match the larger image circle of a 35mm or Full-Frame digital SLR camera, but is equally suited to the optical requirements of an APS-C sensor size digital SLR camera.

These lenses offer optimum correction of distortion and aberrations common to digital cameras. The advanced optical design eliminates flare and ghosting from the image sensor and improves colour balance. The non-vignetting construction ensures consistent edge-to-edge brightness and sharpness for superior digital image quality.

The larger image circle means that these lenses will have a longer “effective” focal length when used on an APS-C sensor size digital SLR camera. The conversion factor is generally about 1.5x, so a 20mm lens effectively becomes a 30mm lens. Despite this conversion, the wide selection of DG lenses lets you choose from a full range of focal lengths for complete creative freedom.

All Sigma Art, Sport, Contemporary, EX, DC, DG and AF lenses include a comprehensive 7 YEAR CANADIAN WARRANTY.
Sigma EX Lenses
Sigma’s EX series represents some of the finest lenses available for your 35mm and digital SLR camera systems. Each lens incorporates the most advanced design technology and the highest quality lens elements to provide the ultimate in photographic reproduction. These are high-performance lenses designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional photographers.
Sigma Advanced Lens Technology
Aspherical lens elements enhance optical performance and minimize weight. Aspherical lenses are used to minimize some common problems associated with wide-angle, medium focal length and zoom lenses, resulting in dramatically reduced lens flare and edge distortion while providing superior image quality.
Special Low Dispersion (SLD) and Extra Low Dispersion (ELD) glass keep chromatic aberration to the absolute minimum, resulting in superior image contrast and sharpness.
Rear focusing system moves only the rear lens group to allow high-speed, silent focusing.
Internal focusing system ensures stability by moving the lens groups within the barrel without changing the length of the lens. And since the front of the lens doesn’t rotate, a circular polarizing filter and petal-type hood can be used.
Hyper-sonic motor (HSM) moves the focusing elements in the lens. The result is an extremely fast, quiet and exceptionally accurate auto focusing system. HSM is supported by Canon, Nikon and Sigma cameras.
Optical stabilizer (OS) system detects camera shake by utilizing two sensors that initiate the movement of an optical stabilizing lens group to effectively compensate for the movement.

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